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Wifi Installation

WIFI Connectivity Procedure 2.4GHz

  • Switch OFF power to the spa.

  • Disconnect spaside control panel / keypad.

  • Open WIFI box and reconnect keypad to the WIFI board

  • Connect WIFI board to the spa controller then turn power back ON

  • Select “Settings “ on your smart phone. Choose Wireless Networks / WIFI

  • Scan Available networks

  • Select AGI_BOARD XXX

  • Your phone should connect to the WiFi AGI Board.

  • GO to your phone Browser ( see note below) and enter //

  • Touch “Display Scan Results”

  • Select your home network ( Router)

  • Enter the router PASSWORD

  • Enter your e-mail

  • Re-enter your e-mail

  • Touch “ACCEPT”

  • Touch “Join”

  • Page should exit or Time out.

  • Check your e-mail on your phone. Depending on the phone service this may take 1-2 minutes . You can also check for the same email on your home computer

  • Enter a USER name (6 characters, NO spaces)

  • Click “Register”

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