J&K Cedar Works Custom Cedar Tubs From the Great Northwest

J&K Cedar Works Custom Cedar Tubs From the Great Northwest

Custom Cedar Tubs From the Great Northwest.


I can’t begin to tell you how beautiful I think the tub is. I did a lot of research to “buy” before I came across your web-site. Your web-site is beautiful and full of class, so I went with you. And your price was amazing. But seeing these photos is something hard to describe. I feel like I took a chance to send a check to a stranger, but I believed in what I saw. And the tub you are building me is so beautiful, and therefore personal. I believe that what you do is an act of love- love of wood and beauty and symmetry. And it shows in every piece of wood. I cannot wait to see what you have built for me in person. And I feel honored to own something so meticulously hand-crafted in a world that seems out of balance and plastic. I admire every-one that lives close to the earth and you certainly do. Thank you for building this for me. I really don’t know how to tell you that I feel so lucky to know this tub will be mine. As it’s creator, it will always be yours- But I will always think of you as the artist behind this, and I will take the best care of the tub ever. There is nothing pre-fab here- and that means a great deal to me. This is just amazimgly beautiful. You clearly have an appreciation for beauty, and detail. I will do every thing I can to get you more business. You are an artist.

Thanks Jason- I am just so impressed.


The tub you built for us is wonderful. We have had wooden hot tubs before so we know what a great value this is. The tub is strongly built and beautiful to see. It sets right outside our bedroom and we enjoy it in the mornings and in at other times during the day. It really is making a difference in how we relate to the overcast weather typical of this area. We are outside with the eagles and seagulls and we are toasty warm. Thank you for the care you put into your tubs. We are very happy to met you.


Terrance Wolf

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